Our Mission

The mission of Abolitionists4Life is to transform the culture and mindset of our generation about abortion. We strive to provide the correct resources for women both pre and post abortion through partnering with local pregnancy crisis centers, local adoption agencies and local organizations who provide depression and grief counseling. Abolitionists4Life aspires to have our voices heard not only at Boise State University, but also in our local and State Government. We seek to raise awareness to our generation through equipping students to become abortion abolitionists who will courageously bring to light the suppressed issue of abortion in our society today.

Our Vision

Our vision as a club is to see all women, regardless of their circumstances, choose life. We desire for abortion to be abolished in the State of Idaho and our nation as a whole. Abolitionists4Life is a student run club organization that equips fellow students in becoming leaders within our communities in dedicating their lives to a higher calling in standing for what is right.

Our Strategy

For the 2013/2014 year Abolitionists4Life specifically is focused on raising awareness of the club through partnering with and supporting local and national organizations, hosting events and club meetings both on and off campus, participating in 40 Days For Life, testifying at Senate hearings and hosting tabling events on campus. Abolitionists4Life will continue to partner with Students For Life of America through attending conferences, March For Life and continuing relationships with SFLA’s regional and national coordinators and lawyers. In order to help pregnant women in making the decision of life, Abolitionists4Life will focus on changing current rules and regulations on campus in order to make Boise State a more pregnancy friendly University. Through installing changing tables in bathrooms, nursing/cry rooms in lecture halls and making all of our resources known on campus, we strive for pregnancy on Boise State’s campus to be more widely understood and accepted. As abortion abolitionists we will openly dialogue the complex issue of abortion within a culture that remains silent.